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[Watch] A Ride Worth Having In Chennai: Wifi, Tablet, TV, Mini Library - All In An Auto via @logicalindians
"this offer is for a limited period" ~Life
Watch Microsoft Ventures Tel Aviv Accelerator Demo Days live #MSVTLV
Apple ordered to pay $625m for infringing Facetime and iMessage patents
Meet The 9th Annual Crunchies Presenters by @annaescher
She is 19, screen mental disorders She is COO of funded co She met co-founder via @facebook
😱Git Sketch Plugin: Generating diffs built right into Sketch 🙌 😍 By @MathieuDutour
Google built a special version of YouTube for Pakistan so it could get 3-year ban lifted
Best #wordpress #Social Sharing Plugins - My Top Picks. @arjun077...
Hi, There @arjun077, i am using your Wp Social Sharing Plugin from last couple of weeks..really love it. writing article on my blog about it
You'd better not live. You'd better just die. You'd better give up. I'm telling you why. Donald Trump is coming to the White House.
My goal is not only to eliminate corruption but instill courage in ordinary citizen and fear in the high and mighty.
Yes, great initiative. Aldo, will destroy piracy.
Best video on #KhudKiMatBajao @billbachao
If you are not scared, then you are not taking a chance. If you are not taking a chance, then what the hell are you doing?
Do not wait for something big to happen. Start with whatever you have now
Brother are so #Dramebaaj ! Are you one of them as well ? Have a better way to impress your sister?  #KaisaBhaiHai
He who sees the problem is a human, he who sees the solution is visionary, he who does something is an entrepreneur
I have watched this vine at least 400 times now and I can't stop laughing plz send help.