[wpnewcarousel name=”democarousel” width=”” height=”600″ effect=”” startslide=”” animationspeed=”” imagepausetime=”” shownav=”true” hoverpause=”true”]

[[wpnewcarousel name=”CAROUSEL_NAME” height=”” width=”800″ effect=”” startslide=”” animationspeed=”” imagepausetime=”” shownav=”” hoverpause=””]]

Where :
name: Name of the carousel (required parameter).
height: Height of the carousel.
width: Width of the carousel.
effect: Type of effect between each transition. Default value is “random”
startslide: Starting slide number. Default value is “0″
animationspeed: Speed of the carousel animation. Default value is 500 (1000 is 1sec)
imagepausetime: Image pause time between each transition. Default value is 3000
shownav: Flag to show navigation control with carousel. Default value is true.
hoverpause: Flag to stop carousel on mouse over. Default value is true.