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"Keep your eye on the ball son"
कोई झूठा-मूठा ही नारा लगा दो यार कि 'हमें चाहिए आज़ादी, तीन तलाक़ से आज़ादी, हम लेक्के रहेंगे आज़ादी, तीन तलाक़ से आज़ादी' 😜
Amazon India expands its global selling programme via @rightrelevance thanks @harry_jerry
Do other Indian states have such language-enforcing/language-isolating rules/laws? Legally viable?
DeepMind’s differentiable neural computer helps you navigate the subway with its memory
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this is the best screensaver cos whenever i get a notification, Kanye holds it up for me
Google's new Sprayscape app lets you makes trippy VR collages
@annepmitchell no
Two Guys Go Bonkers On Delhi Metro, Dance To Sia's Cheap Thrills Like It's Nobody's Business via @indiatimes
In case you haven't already seen it. Mariyappan Thangavelu. Saw it 5 times and am still blown by it. Just incredible
Indian Startups: Are You Ready For Bot (Invisible Apps) Wave?
Shri Hukmdev Narayan Yadav's speech on discussion during price rise in t... via @YouTube
This Man Rode His Harley From Goa To Bangkok via @indiatimes
Yesterday: Kabali illegal downloads available. Today: KickassTorrents officially shuts down, founder arrested in Poland. Rajinikanth rocks.
Tried downloading Kabali. µTorrent uninstalled itself. System got formated. Wi-Fi router crashed. Nearby Airtel tower vanished.
How Companies Can Take Advantage of Sentiment Analysis to Improve Their Business via @exporttweet
11 Myths You Always Believed To Be True, Thanks To The Movies via @indiatimes
"How Companies Can Take Advantage of Sentiment Analysis to Improve Their Business" on @LinkedIn