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arjun@jainy:/$ The Nifty MiniDrive is the easiest way to add up to 200GB to your Macbook  
arjun@jainy:/$ Building A Custom Tag Input Element with Skate.js:  
arjun@jainy:/$ #Debian-Based #Kodachi 3.7 #Linux OS Ships with #Anonymous Wallpapers, #Tor and #VPN Improvements…  
arjun@jainy:/$ @Dell_IN xps comes with only window os ?? #quoteno 27956089 #dellhatelinux  
arjun@jainy:/$ Web Development Internship in Delhi at Markitics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
arjun@jainy:/$ Content Writing Internship in Delhi at Markitics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
arjun@jainy:/$ KHAT || EmotionalFulls via @YouTube  
arjun@jainy:/$ No, these aren't ATM queues, but those wanting to enter the ColdPlay concert in Mumbai. All waited several hours to…  
arjun@jainy:/$ To PM Modi : Either to ask liquor shops to accept old notes Or ask banks to sell liquor. We can't stand in two lin…  
arjun@jainy:/$ .@ArvindKejriwal is it true? Have you told your supporters to create Law & Order problems at Banks to oppose…  
arjun@jainy:/$ @PMOIndia  
arjun@jainy:/$ People will crowd outside the Bachchan bungalow for hours and hours but won't stand in queues for the sake of their…  
arjun@jainy:/$ PM's speech at launch of various projects in Goa @PMOIndia  
arjun@jainy:/$ Instead of spreading awareness, @ndtv is spreading panic. Phir royenge ki Modi ne ban kar diya, Modi nazi, Modi hit…  
arjun@jainy:/$ I just found @ArvindKejriwal follow @narendramodi via CheckFollow. Check out now!  
arjun@jainy:/$ Within Minutes some Filthy Rich have become Poor. Money under mattresses++ is mere paper.Times of Gunny Bags and Su…  
arjun@jainy:/$ #PMModi rocks #Blackmoney ...shocked